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Best Shoes for your Vacation

Exploring a new city on foot is still one of the best ways to get to know your vacation destination. When you explore on foot, you get to see the details that you might miss if you ride a car or a public transportation. This is the reason why you need to invest on a good pair of shoes for your vacation.

Whether you are going to the beach, climbing a mountain, or exploring a heritage city, it is best to have comfortable footwear. To get the best shoes for your budget and itinerary, we have listed a few tips to help you choose the best shoes for your vacation.

vacation shoes

Tips for picking the best shoes for your vacation

1.     Determine the trip’s purpose.

We all have our favourite pair of shoes at home, but that doesn’t mean that we will take them with us when we go for a vacation. If your favourite pair doesn’t go with the clothes you brought for vacation, or isn’t suitable for the type of trip you are taking, then it has no place inside your luggage. Vacation shoes equal practicality, unless you are going somewhere where you need to dress glamorously.

Your intended trip style should be the primary concern in picking the best shoes for your vacation. If you are going to explore trails and the great outdoors, hiking boots should be your choice. If your trip entails going through cultural sites or visits to museums, comfortable walking shoes should have a space in your luggage.

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2.     Take only the shoes you need.

If your shoe collection is not enough and you wish to buy new ones, opt for shoes that will fit different purposes. Two to three pairs of shoes plus your rubber thongs are enough for a week’s vacation. A pair of running or athletic shoes, a comfortable pair of walking sandals, and ballet flats or casual dress shoes are good choices for a vacation in the tropics. But if you’re hitting the slopes, then you’ll need something different. Don’t overpack and take what’s only necessary.

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3.     Consider the climate.

When picking the best shoes for vacation, the climate of your destination will play a huge factor on the type of footwear to take. Most travellers to the tropics take flip-flops or sports sandals. However, it is important to note that they will not give good arch support to your feet if you’ll do a lot of walking.

If you’re going to a place with cold weather, comfortable ankle boots are great for women. It is also smart not to use open-toed shoes if you are traveling to a place with ground-based insects.

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4.     Ask yourself questions about your choices.

Pack your bags a day or two before you leave for a vacation then ask yourself questions to whittle down your choices. You can also pack more than three pairs first then think about your choices. Ask yourself if you are going to use that pair more than once. For example, is it really necessary to take the high heels even if you are just going to use it on a possible night out that’s not confirmed? Can you use the ballet flats instead? Asking yourself questions and adjusting your choices will mean lighter luggage and more room for other stuff.

travel shoes and bag ready to go

5.     Comfort is key.

We can’t stress this enough, taking comfortable footwear for your vacation makes a whole lot of difference. You can go for longer walks without your feet suffering. No matter what style of shoes you’re taking on your trip, your feet should be comfortable when wearing them. No use going on a vacation if you can’t see the sights because your feet are aching.

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