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Pick Your Preference: What Shoes to Wear with Your Pink and White Dresses

Getting dressed up for a date night, a party, or a day at the office should not be a hassle. Picking the perfect pair of shoes to go with that stunning, new dress should be an easy task… most of the time. With a vast variety of styles and colours in the world of shoes, sometimes it can be difficult to choose just the right pair of shoes to match your dress for the day (or night).

What Shoes Should I Pair with My Pink Dresses? Few Amazing Combinations of Shoes

Are you the kind of woman who loves to make a statement? Then the hot pink fashion trend was made for you. With hot pink or fuchsia dresses all the rage right now, why not get on trend and show off with this popular style. However, we know you will be asking, “But what colour shoes?”

The shoes you choose at the end of the day are ultimately your decision, but we all need a little help along the way. Here is a list of the best shoes to pair with that striking pink number, or with your favourite white dress.

white shoes

1.     Simply White

If you are going for a crisp look with a little contrast, then look no further than a pair of white beauties. Whether your look is smart or casual, this combination is incredible. You can even opt for a slightly off-white shoe if you want to create a less contrasting effect.

If you are attending a spring or summer wedding this year, then you have to try this combination out. Pair it with a beautiful black purse to finish off your look. You will definitely be turning heads.

beige shoes

2.     A Nude Stability

Nude shoes are a girl’s best friend, and you can never go wrong when pairing them with a hot pink number. Nude shoes are a great option with any pink dress. Whether nude is beige or brown for you, this statements rings true.

Wearing a pair of nude shoes gives the effect of elongated legs, and gives your pink dress the spotlight to shine. If we are talking about nude as being beige or blush pink, we still have a winner! These colours work well with a hot pink dress and give you less of a contrast that you will get wearing white shoes.

blue shoes

3.     A Dark Contrast

Who doesn’t love the combination of black and hot pink? It’s a classic pairing that works so well and will go perfectly with a black purse too. If a black and pink combo is too boring for you, go for a daring navy blue pair of shoes with your hot pink dress.

With navy blue becoming a trend on its own, there is no reason why you shouldn’t experiment with this pairing. Just don’t pair it with that black purse! Rather opt for a metallic purse to finish off your look. Another option to create a dark contrast is to combine your hot pink outfit with a deep burgundy accent on your feet. A warm burgundy shade will compliment the warm shade of your dress fantastically well, and you can finish it off with a white or metallic purse.

yellow shoes

4.     Bright Contrast

If making a statement is what you are after, and dark shoes are not going to help you get there - then a bright contrast is the way to go! A bright pair of heels in a contrasting colour to your fuchsia dress will do just the trick. If you dare, pick colours like yellow, lime green or cobalt blue to take your outfit from wow to WOW!

Orange is also a fun option with a little less contrast while still keeping your look funky. Be careful when pairing your purse with these bright shoes. Opt for something a little more conservative like white or metallic, or go completely bright with another contrasting colour to create an entirely colour-blocked look.

black shoes

5.     Black and White with Pink All Over

Are you are the woman who likes to bend the rules and rarely plays it safe? Then why not combine your neutrals and wear a pair of black and white shoes with a hot pink dress? With both black and white working so fabulously well with hot pink, you cannot go wrong with a black and white combo shoe. It will definitely make a statement, especially paired with a contrast-coloured purse.

silver shoes

6.     Metallic Madness

If you are going for a polished look, then metallic colours are the way to go. Silver shoes are great for adding a little contrast with its cooler tones. Gold and rose gold are also fabulous and timeless options.

Just steer clear of orangey copper shades, as they tend to be a bit washed out by a bright pink dress. You can pair these shoes with a simple black or white purse to give your look the neutral edge.

white dress

What Shoes Should I Pair with My White Dresses?

As versatile as your LBD (Little Black Dress), a little white dress can go a long way. And while it may be an obvious thought that any colour will go well with a white dress, some colours tend to look better than others. Let’s take a look at the best shades for the job:

1.     Black and White

Whether your dress is bright white or a more muted off-white, black is always a good choice. It is a simple and classy combination that compliments each other well. Add a metallic clutch for a great party look. Make it a gold sparkly one at that.

2.     Bright and Bold

Make a statement with a gorgeous pair of bright heels. Pick colours like bright pink, red or orange to wow the crowd. A hot pink shoe will definitely create contrast if that is what you are after. You can show off your bold side with a fabulous pair of blue or green shoes that pair brilliantly with the cool tones of a bright white dress.

3.     Nude by Design

If a more understated look is what you prefer, then add a pair of nude shoes to your outfit. A nude that matches your skin tone will draw attention to your dress, letting it stand out, while once again lengthening your legs.

4.     Metallic Shine

Whether you love gold, silver, or bronze, metallic shoes are a fabulous choice to wear with a white dress and perfect for formal occasions. Even a beautiful pair of gold flats can dress up even the simplest of white dresses. Pair your gold shoes with off-whites and cream toned dresses, while silver and bronze shoes contrast better with bright whites.

5.     Playful Prints

White dresses are great to pair with patterned shoes. Leopard and cheetah prints are a great option for a more casual look while remaining on the neutral side.

6.     Brown Bonanza

Another versatile neutral tone is brown and it looks stunning with white. Pair a great pair of brown boots or sandals with your white dress for a comfortable, casual look with a boho vibe. A stunning pair of heels will give you an edge for a slightly more formal affair.

brown shoes

Next time you are getting ready to dress up your hot pink or white dresses, you’ll be prepared for anything coming your way. From subtle pumps to striking heels, you will know exactly which will work best to compliment your personality and style.

Have fun with your colour pairings and make a statement whenever you walk out the door.

choosing shoes