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Plan To Buy Sandals? Look Out For These 6 Important Things

Spring has finally arrived and we're ready to store the closed-toe options we've been wearing for the last season. Goodbye, socks and boots. Hello, sandals! It is time for a change and for our feet to embrace something a little lighter.

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Here are 6 things to consider before maxing out your credit card this season.

Who can resist a beautiful pair of sandals staring at you through the display window at your favourite shoe store? Before breaking out your wallet, keep in mind that there are a number of factors to consider before making that purchase. Take a look at our six key questions to ask before buying your next pair of sandals.

Sandal season is here again!

What should you keep in mind before buying them?

1.    Are they in your price range?

We’ve all had those moments where we stand in the shoe store, staring at that perfect pair of sandals, but before you even try them on you have a glance at the price tag. If your first thought is ‘YIKES! How will I ever pay these off?’ You should perhaps take a step back and think twice about them.

Look in other stores for a similar style, with a better price tag. You might even find a pair that is even more perfect than that crazy expensive pair you spotted earlier.

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2.    Do they need to be comfortable?

Are you planning on wearing these sandals just for a quick appearance at a family dinner, where you know you will be sitting down most of the time? Or will it be an occasion where you’ll be on your feet for more than a few hours? If so, bear in mind that it is important that they support your feet.

Choose a style with arch support and adjustable straps to keep your feet securely strapped into place. Make sure that you choose the correct size so your feet fit perfectly within the shoe. Don’t let your toes or heels slide off the sides because, after hours of being on your feet, it will get really uncomfortable.

Choose a beautiful pair of satin ankle straps or sling backs, with thick soles, that will leave your feet feeling lovely and strapped into place without any effort. After a long day, you don’t want to come home with swollen feet and the urge to throw your sandals into the ocean.

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3.    What’s the occasion?

When you find that comfortable pair of sandals you need to ask yourself: Where am I going to wear this? Are the sandals for client meetings, going to the beach, or hanging out with friends? Like all varieties of shoes, you get a degree of sophistication that comes with the different styles.

You won’t be wearing flip-flops to that very important client meeting and you won’t be on your block heels on a sandy beach. You must also keep in mind the outfit you will be wearing. Will the shoes match your sexy cocktail dress, or class-up or dress-down that pair of jeans you bought? It’s all about what you want your shoes to say about you and the outfit you are wearing.

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4.    Closed-toe or open-toe?

Do you want to show off your pedicure, or keep your toes covered up? We understand that after the long winter, some of you might have skipped out on keeping your toes painted and ready for the runway.

It might also still feel a bit strange to have your toes exposed to the world. You can always opt for the closed-toe sandal option. These shoes are a combination of sandals and flats. Your toes will stay safely tucked away while the sides will allow your feet to breathe in the welcomed warm weather.

This sandal type is perfect for an after-work drink or a Sunday lunch with family and friends. They can also come across as a more appropriate style for a corporate environment, to compliment your stunning new pencil shirt.

open toe sandals

5.    Heels. Yes or no?

Another way to compliment your new pencil skirt is to choose a pair of sandals that comes with a heel. Now you must also look at the height of that heel. For work, choose a heel that is not too high and won’t make you lose your balance while walking up to your boss to discuss that important business prospect.

We suggest wedges or stacked heels for comfort and support. Higher heels would be perfect for formal occasions like spring weddings or a fun girls’ night at your favourite club, but heels aren’t always necessary for that more formal look. If you do not feel comfortable wearing them, the right pair of flat sandals can also work.

For casual occasions and to compliment the warm weather we would suggest that you opt for flats. They are perfect for shopping, going to a spring barbeque, or going about your general day-to-day tasks.

sandals with heels

6.    Can you live without them?

The last, but most important question would be ‘Do you really need them?’ Do you already have a closet that if you open it a wall of shoes comes tumbling down on you? Do you look at some of those pairs and think: ‘Why did I ever buy you?’

We all know that many of us struggle to say no to a stunning pair of affordable sandals and that’s okay. Shoes are a great way to compliment or change up your outfit. There are so many styles to choose from that we are drawn to every pair that grabs our attention, thinking ‘Hey! I don’t have a pair like that, I need those’.

With every season comes a new trend. We say yes, go out and buy a pair of sandals, but make sure you absolutely love them. Go for the pair you won’t regret buying, feels comfortable, and matches your favourite outfits. Look out for the new trends and buy something you don’t already have, maybe a pair of golden gladiators or fancy flats.

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